Unicorn.  Rare, well yes. Elusive, so they say. The unicorn also represented the ideal of family life –– a sanctuary grounded in fertility and abundant life. The unicorn, in western medieval depictions, shows this animal with the head of goat, the body of a horse, and cloven hooves. Often in the company of a lady, this creature has the temperament of the most domesticated house pet. These jewels are inspired by that time period and the rare and beautiful qualities represented by the unicorn.
Rose Cut Tear Drop Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Earrings in 22k Gold Quick shop
Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Medallion Necklace in 22k Gold Quick shop
22k Gold South Sea Pearl Necklace with Ancient-Style Hand-Wrought Chain Quick shop
Medieval Ring 18k Yellow Gold Quick shop
22k Gold Rose Cut Amethyst and Fuchsia-Sapphire Cocktail Ring Quick shop
22k Gold Medieval Style Ring with Large Tanzanite Cabochon and Emeralds Quick shop